Joint Operations

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A highly organized terrorist group launched an offensive from Lebanon towards Israel:

From the border areas of southern Lebanon, many missiles depart towards us, the missile positions are constantly moved and often hidden in the vegetation or in the villages.
The terrorists killed some of our soldiers along the border and kidnapped two of them, transferring them to secret areas!

Joint Mission AF

Op. Highway to Hell, 22/06/21

The outcome of the mission will be saved for a hypothetical sequel. EVERY weaponry and module available in warehouses is subject to persistence. We have 30 modules for each type on each starting base, 50 ammunition for each type AG, 80 ammunition for each type AA. VIDEO PREVIEW

Joint Mission AF

Op. Aeger, 01/06/21

The seventh and final mission of the Syria dynamic campaign is aimed at the occupation of the Presidential Palace, using ground units and airborne troops

Joint Mission AF

Op. In The Wolf’s Lair, 27/04/21

In 2017 the US made a tomahawk missile attack on the Shayrat base … Photos released after the missile attack appeared to show chemical weapons containers

Joint Mission AF

Op. Dirty Sands, 16/03/21

Viste le difese missilistiche, c’è la necessità di attaccare:

  • simultaneamente e da opposte direzioni,
  • creare diversivo,
  • far vedere intercettori e attirare CAP nemica
Joint Mission AF

Op. Smoke On The Water

We knew the situation was tough, but in the last days several terrorist clans have taken action by setting fire to the City of Al Dhiad with the intent of sending a strong message to the dominant countries; this city is also the NATO embassy’s home. Our Government dispatched the Marines (Icarus Armored Platoon) but they have fallen in ambush at the EAST entrance of the City and are still under enemy fire from Ak47 and T75. One of our last contingent of Navy Seals (Team Irene) stuck at a compound north / east of the city.

Joint Mission AF

Op. Barracuda, 26/01/21