Op. Red Week

Mission Designer

Author: EAF Joker

Squadron:  European Air Force


Event Date: 16-11-21

Category: PvP/PvE

H 20:00Z  Hospitality and DCS server online with ongoing mission to access and occupy the slot (it is possible to interact with avionics).

H 20:10Z = Briefing in ITALIAN on ts channel ➠ GENERAL BRIEFING ROOM (PTT Forced).

H 20:20Z = Briefing in ENGLISH on ts channel ➠ GENERAL BRIEFING ROOM (PTT Forced).

H 20:30Z= Start Mission

H 22:30Z = End Mission

H 23:00Z = De-Briefing




UTC = GMT = “Zulu Time”
GMT=Greenwich Mean Time
(World time reference)

Solar Time = UTC+1 hour
CET= Central Europe Time
(from last Sunday in October to last Sunday in March)

Legal Time = UTC+2 hours
CEST = Central Europe Summer Time
(from last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October)

VIDEO BRIEFING (replaces pre-flight video)= CLICK HERE VIDEO Streaming Speaker ( 1080p) =  Virtual Briefing Room AF – CLICK HERE AUDIO PLATFORM and MEETING = TeamSpeak3 (ip: simitaliagames.com) – MANDATORY to join at least one member for each flight.


Name: EAF51 Training Server A


Port: 10308

Psw: Communicated in vocal briefing


Name: [ITA] AF – AlliedForces.eu – Interforze [ITA]


Port: 10310

Psw: Communicated in vocal briefing


Autoconnect Available


Port: 5002


Autoconnect Available


Port: 5004



Port: 10314

Psw: Blue


Hot Start: No

Unit on map: disabled

Label: disabled

Free Camera ( F11): disabled

External view(F2): enabled

  • MANDATORY to remove the reservation in case of absence.
  1. The mission Designer and his collaborators try to propose a textual briefing as complete as possible. Each Virtual Pilot must study his own task in the days before the mission.
  2. For Information and Advice use the Forum.
  3. No technical support is provided on the day of the mission, each pilot must make sure to have his computer and simulator ready to fly, all must take off as scheduled for proper execution.
  4. The mission is not ONE LIFE but with limited “lives”: each airport has a limited number per type of module eg. Airport X which has 10 Slot Player BF109 has 20 BF109 units in stock so 20 total spawns per coalition. The idea is to ensure a second life each.
  5. If you do NOT receive new tasks from entities such as AWACS or C2 continue the mission as per plan.
  • None
  1. When at 5 nm from the base, set the ATC frequency (UHF standard frequency of the air base)
  2. Call Ingress of your flight and wait
    • If no one answers: proceed to Airbase and land with OVERHEAD PATTERN
    • If you receive an answer: you have now become “the last in line” so you must maintain your position and you must respond on the fly after you INDICATING YOUR ALTITUDE. When the flight in front of you has communicated a touchdown you can start the procedure (report it on the radio). Land with the Overhead Pattern method. NB: In the event of a night flight or with poor visibility, the landing requires a DIRECT APPROACH.
NB: If you arrive in the ATC area and there is already a flight waiting, you must keep +2 Angels with respect to it. When you are holding and will respond to the flight after you, you must report the altitude you are at. RADIO COMMUNICATIONS
  1. After take-off you MUST perform CheckIn on AWACS or C2 respecting the following syntax: “Recipient Name – Flight CallSign – Number of Flight components – Flight Task – Location (BE or departure airport)”. es “Magic, Colt1, 4 ship, SEAD with HARM, airborne from Incirlick”
  2. DO NOT overlap communications.
  3. Respect the radio shirt and comm plan proposed in the briefing.


  • LOCATION: Normandy
  • DATE: 30-05-1944
  • TIME: 06:00
  • METAR: 18000KT CAVOK 10 Q1013 RMK BLU=
  • TA/TL: solo QNH 1013 hPa
  • TYPE: PvP/PvE
    • Alleati: Chaley, Ford,Tangmere
    • Asse: Evreux, Lessay
    • Alleati: n/a
    • Asse: n/a
  • FLIGHT PLANS: NO pre-loaded flight plans
    • ROLEX + “Minutes”: es Rolex+10 = All assigned times MUST be moved forward by 10 minutes!
  • RUNWAY: do not contact ATC IA during ground operations, but tune the radio frequency on the airport and communicate the maneuvers on the ground before take-off and in flight before landing

      Spring is late in arriving on the coasts of Normandy but despite the uncertain weather the Anglo-American planes taking off from England continue their sorties on French soil in preparation for the landing, targeting ports, railway junctions and all strategic objectives, aided as well as from the interception of German communications, also from the support of the French “Maquis” who provide information in the field.
      The intention is to seal off the combat zone by destroying all communication routes with the enemy rear lines: bridges, railways, marshalling yards and key road intersections.
      The Allies would have isolated the area of the invasion in Normandy by making sure that almost nothing could pass from the east (across the Seine) and from the south (across the Loire).
      The Germans expected an invasion, but they did not know exactly where or when it would take place.
      The British had set up a dense network of fake plans called Fortitude.
      Fortitude North hinted that a “British 4th Army” would land in Norway, where Hitler, to the desperation of his generals, had insisted on maintaining a force of over 400,000 men; Fortitude South, using tanks, planes and even fake landing ships in south-east England, aimed to convince the Germans that a second invasion would come to Pas-de-Calais with a 1st army group led by General Patton , the allied commander most feared by the Germans.
      Using double agents and captured spies, British intelligence worked to persuade the Germans that the Normandy landings were only a preliminary or a sham operation and that the real attack would later be launched south of Boulogne. .
      To this end, the Germans were strengthening the entire front with their armored and mechanized divisions and began to move their airports located on the coast, inland to protect them from Allied air raids. Rommel, in charge of the defense of northern France, knew however that the Atlantic Wall was more than real a product of propaganda!
      The morale of the German troops is low, the Germans remain there only thanks to the courage of their soldiers and the fear of retaliation by the Gestapo on the families left in their homeland, in case they deserted.
      They know that the allied forces outnumber them by ten to one for the infantry, fifty to one for the artillery and an infinite number for the air forces, but despite this they are tenacious to fight for their country, also convinced by the Nazi propaganda about the new secret weapons V1 and V2 that will soon be available.
      The Pas-de-Calais, defended by the 15th Army, containing most of the launch sites for the V-1 flying bombs, was located at a point where the English Channel narrowed and was much closer to the fighter bases in Kent , which could have provided air cover to the invading forces.
      Operation Overlord is close, despite the vicissitudes that are more political than milestone, knowing that in the event of failure, there would not be another opportunity for the allies to invade France!







      • Both factions have IA regulated according to the presence of Pilots.


      • n/a


      • n/a


      • BF 109
      • FW 190 D-9
      • FW 190 A-8
      • AAA 8,8 cm Flak 18
      • APC Sd.Kfz.251 Halftrack
      • Tk PzIV H


      • Spitfire LF Mk.IX
      • P-51D
      • Mosquito FB Mk. VI
      • P47D
      • A20


      • In case of non availability of a human AWACS or C2, refere to ROE and Mission Planning.

        ZONE CAP: 

        • Vulching allowed.


        • Detailed mission orders will be available for each deployment during the Briefing (Briefing TAB on DCS). A period of 30 minutes will be given between the online mission and the actual start to allow the pilots of the two sides to log in, read the briefing and plan their missions.


        • Detailed mission orders will be available for each deployment during the Briefing (Briefing TAB on DCS). A period of 30 minutes will be given between the online mission and the actual start to allow the pilots of the two sides to log in, read the briefing and plan their missions.

        T / O + Rolex (+ minutes): the server will be online and without a break from 18: 45Z-19: 00Z. This will allow pilots to enter the cockpit which will be 100% operational. At the end of the briefing, the time in Rolex will be communicated and it will be up to each pilot to adjust their flight plan..


        COMMON (Radio cockpit): a single common frequency on which each leader will have to interact:

        • CHANNEL 1( CH A for Allies) ATC of starting airport, preset by mission editor.
        • CHANNEL 2( CH B for Allies) Common Faction Freq:
          • Allies = 124.000 AM
          • Axis = 40.000 AM
        • CHANNEL 3( CH C for Allies) ATC of support airport, preset by mission editor.

        INTRAFLIGHT: for this time we use the Ts3 flight channel.

        INTEL (Targets  and .miz) – CLICK HERE




        AlliedForces Booking System
        Module Starting at Slot Player
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 1-1EAF51_Joker
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 1-2EAF51_T_Strale10
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 1-3EAF51_BANZAI
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 1-4EAF_T_Shardana
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 2-1EAF51_Storm
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 2-2EAF51_Gin
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 2-3EAF51_Cappe
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 2-4EAF51_Cirso
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 3-1EAF51_Snaches
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 3-2EAF51_Chip
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 3-3EAF51_Havebug
        P-51D 25 - AlliedChaileyColt 3-4EAF_T_OldBoy
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 1-1EAF51_Ibanez
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 1-2EAF51_Bear
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 1-3EAF51_Luft
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 1-4EAF_T_Perru
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 2-1[SIG A101] Webber
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 2-2[SIG A101] Kino
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 2-3renzo
        P-47D 40 - AlliedChaileyDodge 2-4
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedFordUzi 1-1ITA_Cipson
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedFordUzi 1-2269 Buckshot
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedFordUzi 2-1Salamander
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedFordUzi 2-2
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedFordUzi 3-1
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedFordUzi 3-2
        P-51D 25 - AlliedFordSpringfield 2-1IAF.Alon
        P-51D 25 - AlliedFordSpringfield 2-2IAF.Laviyo
        P-51D 25 - AlliedFordSpringfield 2-3[SIG A101] Raffa
        P-51D 25 - AlliedFordSpringfield 2-4ITA_WVoss
        Mosquito FB Mk. VI - AlliedTangmereEnfield 1-1IAF.ViFF
        Mosquito FB Mk. VI - AlliedTangmereEnfield 1-2IAF.Yuval
        Mosquito FB Mk. VI - AlliedTangmereEnfield 1-3IAF.Vertigogo
        Mosquito FB Mk. VI - AlliedTangmereEnfield 2-1Paconini
        Mosquito FB Mk. VI - AlliedTangmereEnfield 2-2IAF.DMK
        Mosquito FB Mk. VI - AlliedTangmereEnfield 2-3Shaka
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedTangmereSpringfield 1-1IAF.Zed
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedTangmereSpringfield 1-2
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedTangmereSpringfield 1-3
        Spitfire LF Mk. IX - AlliedTangmereSpringfield 1-4
        ModuleStarting atSlotPlayer
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 1-19./JG52 J-HAT
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 1-2Red
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 1-3JG6_BigglesCDN
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 1-4
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 2-1Swisspanda
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 2-2Dog 1-2 Riko
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 2-3
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisEvreux Pontiac 2-4
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisEvreux Chevy 1-1
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisEvreux Chevy 1-2
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisEvreux Chevy 2-1
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisEvreux Chevy 2-2
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisLessayPontiac 3-1
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisLessayPontiac 3-2
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisLessayPontiac 3-3
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisLessayPontiac 3-4
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisLessayPontiac 4-1SIG Debo
        Bf 109 K-4 - AxisLessayPontiac 4-2
        Fw 190 A-8 - AxisLessayFord 1-1[SIG A101] Raptor
        Fw 190 A-8 - AxisLessayFord 1-2
        Fw 190 A-8 - AxisLessayFord 1-3
        Fw 190 A-8 - AxisLessayFord 1-4
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisLessayChevy 3-1[SIG 101] Matteo
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisLessayChevy 3-2
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisLessayChevy 4-1
        Fw 190 D-9 - AxisLessayChevy 4-2
        Total Registered Pilots: 41