Welcome pilots!

With great pleasure I would like to present the AlliedForces.eu project to all of you

The father of this initiative is a project started 4 years ago by a group, now a member of Allied Forces. An idea that made possible the natural meeting and subsequent cohesion between different groups which, taking note of the pleasant result, decided to pursue the project under a single new flag.


The project or rather, Allied Forces community has as its main objectives the creation of events with many participants, to provide support for all those who like to carry out complex missions and last but not least to favor the meeting between different realities whose common objective is, beyond completing the mission, the desire to get to know each other, share and above all grow together in contexts outside the mission date. The “motto” is JOINT OPERATIONS- JOINT COMMUNITIES, with it we intend to experience the simulation in its purest concept while proposing it under a simplified formula. The AF community is open to both flight groups and lone users (Lonewolf). Each member can make resources available without any limitation.

We have recently turned our attention to the international level with positive feedback. Up to now we have had the pleasure of populating the joint operations with a fair number of pilots (from 30 to 40).

Over time we have achieved a lot but we need to look forward. We do not impose any particular deadlines, also because each flight group has its own internal needs to foll


We compete in promoting the project as an open and available environment, without running into a lobbying structure or relying on the classic invitation. The simple participation in a joint mission is already a first sign of adherence to the project. How can all this be realized? Just register on the site and book your flight with a simple click. The same account is also useful for interacting with FORUM which officially represents the first textual interaction channel. For all those flying groups who wish to give full support to the community (thus excluding only the meeting on operations) there will certainly be a way to strengthen the affiliation to the AF community by means of a “scaffolding” that is currently under development … Ambassadors

That of 26/01/21 was perhaps the first joint operation fully supported by the new AlliedForces.eu project

Several flight groups have already taken part in the initiative by participating in joint operations, however, I do not feel I can draw up a list to avoid inadvertent omissions. On a personal level, however, I find it right to thank the 1st Banshee Squadron and the Italian Virtual Pilots for the vital support provided in various areas of development of the aforementioned project.