Colt 1+2 Flight

Good morning @Missionplanner,

we are excited for tonight, but one thing is confusing.
We look at the tactic plan of our flight and the numbers that I mark yellow we don´t really understand.
Is that the Alt in ft? If yes it will be a little complicated because if I fire a Harpoon at 200 ft with 500 kts GS, I do destroy my own Aircraft several times in training. please light us... ... ARPOON.PNG

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Hi there! The tactic designed is, indeed, for attacking military vessels defended by a carrier, when you want to maximise the surprise in order not to be seen and attract SU-33 or 27!!. Tonight there will be none, so you could as well fly the mission at a higher altitude.
This said, all the delivery I have tried before writing down the tactic were ok. The harpoon can be delivered at 200 feet. It will drop down some 50-60 feet and then stabilizes its cruise altitude at about 75 feet. I never had any "unsafe separation" issue since the harpoon will fire its rocket few seconds after separation, therefore when it is well behind your aircraft, and flying at .75M, compered to your .9M. If you want to feel safer, no problem in climbing to 400 feet, shoot and then down again.
Another issue I discovered yesterday, while trying the Blue pkg is a difference between real world and DCS world: the radar simply will not see the ships 35 miles out while flying low. I tried up to 2500 feet, and I did not have any return. The radar horizon is well beyond the visual one, and at 2000 feet you should be able to have a good return by steel ships!!
Anyhow, since we cannot change that, I sugegst you fly the mission inbound WPN2 at about 10.000 feet. You will receive an updated position by JTAC before take off, so you can manually update WPN3 position and do one of the following:
- attack in BOL: do the split, then turn toward the updated WPN3 at COLT1 order (about 2 minutes after the split), insert the obtained attack heading and enter that in the BOL attack heading line, and shoot, then fly aggressive toward the ships to attract their attention and weapons;
- attack in R/BL: fly at 10.000 feet, acquire the targets in SEA radar mode, SCS do the right again to obtain lock-on with speed and vector of the ship. Then pass the information to the harpoons (SCS to the left), press Mode, press R/BL and shoot and repeat for every harpoon. In case you want to shoot at different targets, after launching the first harpoon, get back on radar, mark the new ship, SCS right, then left to harpoon, mode, R/BL and shoot at second ship. Then, of course, get down to 200 feet or they will be able to engage you at a higher distance from the ship.
The tactics stays the same, the dangerous distance form ships stays the same (about 25-27 miles or whn under radar lock from the ship!).
Have fun!

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Hello Nardax,

I did it again to find out why I lose my Aircraft at 200 ft. And it happend again.
Maybe you can tell me why?
First attack I flow high enough to scan an find the target.
Second attack I try it at 200 ft and 500 kts. But before I go up in higher level to provokate, I lost the Aircraft again.
See TacView:

I think, we will fly a little higher to scan correct and to stay more save. ;-)

Kind regards

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Ciao Boomer. I just saw your tacview, and I don't understand what happened. It doesn't look as if the harpoon collided with you, even if I noticed that at the time of release you were exactly at .75 Mach, which is the normal speed for Harpoon. Again: I always use 200 feet and 500-540 kts for release, and I never had any "self-kill". sorry.